In our work with seniors and families, we have witnessed the benefit of having an Elder Law Lawyer on your side

Unfortunately, so many seniors and families ignore
the issues and circumstances occuring in the aging process and the laws and rules that affect them

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It's why we have included the Elder Law profession in the blockchain, and we invite you to find an Elder Law Lawyer for your senior team. It's important to protect your quality of life, your assets, long term care, and security

Whatever the cost, it's less expensive than what it can cost by not having a lawyer. That's why we ask the Lawyers in the blockchain and they have agreed to provide you with a Free initial consultation

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Who We Are



Build and populate the blockchain for the senior market so that its benefactors can have full access to information to make informed decisions, take real action, and execute secured transactions for their interests, lives, and peace of mind



The blockchain connects and empowers the senior market’s ecosystem and enriches its user’s lives, business, and community

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Recognition by seniors, and their surrogates with a willingness to conduct business, and use the tools to understand and prepare for retirement, and aging. Seen as the destination for answers, solutions, decisions, and results. Aging is never easy but if we can make it easier then we have succeeded

Leadership Team

Aju Philips

Chief Technology Officer

An accomplished technology executive with a record of achievement in corporate growth through his strategic the leadership of technical initiatives and operations. Strategic Planning, Business/IT Alignment, Business Relationship Management Enterprise Architecture, ERP systems (SAP, BI), Application Development, System Integration Global Implementation and Global operations Team Building & Leadership, Process Design & Improvement Budgeting & Forecasting, Vendor, Contract Management IT Transformation, Change Management, Program/Project Management


Bill Wang

Chief Financial Officer

Having earned a Ph.D. in financial paradigms Served as a senior actuary for fortune 500 Companies as an expert in building financial models and forecasts. He has vast experience setting up startup operations. He has successfully implemented strategic fundraising Most recently he has taken a start-up to generate more than $6 million in revenue a year. He has managed digital loyalty and reward programs Operated as the financial planner and finance manager for start-up. He has the leading position in communicating with investors and making sure they are kept up to date with the Corporation's progress and developments.